Friday, 19 August 2011

Im off....I am taking the plunge

I have after much thought and consideration decided to take a college course in Accounting and Book Keeping. My hubby is doing his Driver Instructor training and knowing what I know about him and computing it gave me the opportunity to go to college as his computing skill is a fat zero lol He will need to do his own accounts and I know that will be very daunting for him so I will take that role and he can pay me the wage lol hahahahahha. yeh right!!
Im both excited and very nervous as being nearer to the big 50 than I admit, I hope it is not too much to take on and hope that  my brain cells can cope.
Wish me luck, I so need it.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

My very own Chef !!

Well I wish it was lol no this is a finished project I intend to give as part of a Christmas gift to two very important male friends. Paul and Tom are old friends and Paul has always joked about him being a chef only he forgot to mention it was a hossy chef where the food is already prepared lol When I saw this pattern for a note holder I knew it had to be made up for Paul and I almost defrinatley know he is going to love it. Again the pattern is available from Daisy Chain designs here in the uk.
Have you made any christmas project gifts yet? if so let me know what gifts you will be making and if there is a story behind them too.
Sue xx

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I Love quilting exhibitions lol

Here intin the  Uk today we have at the NEC a festival of quilts exhibition, a array of beautiful quilts on show and the most important part of the show SHOPPING!
I ws literally blown away with some of the designs and I know I will never beable to achieve such stunning creations myself but am in awe of those who do. I mainly do smaller projects as I am not very patient lol, always onto the next project that catches my eye.
A major part of these expos for me is the SHOPPING, especially as I adore fabrics, all colours, tones and textures, I simply cannot get enough of them!! Will I ever use all these fat quarters, long quarters and metres and half metre pieces, I probally never will hee hee.
sorry no pics of the beautiful quilts as photos not allowed grrr but thought may like a sneak peak at some of the yummy new fabrics I purchased. ( photography not my strong point lol ).

Potty for teapot cozies lol

Wow cannot believe how many orders lately I have received  for teapot cozies, seems everyone with the economic downfall needs to make their brews last longer lol .
Patterns from Tilda by Tone Finnager and Art to heart Nancy Halverson.

Get Well #1specianity

What is better if you do not love the sun so much but to sit in your craft room and make cards and today although not so sunny that is what...