Friday, 17 June 2011

Been busy ...Making my lists and Chicken them Twice !!! or three or four times lol

How I am so loving these small project patterns from Dasiy chain Designs, they are just so fun to make. These will be added to my Christmas gifts this year for friends and neighbours. Cheap to make using scraps for the applique and small amounts of fabric for binding and backing. For the notebooks i simply took myself off to the local  store where I purchased a pack of five for a £1.00...bargain.  Recently spotted some chicken pens on sale too online so will be purchasing those in the near future. If you look where you hang the book the two smaller tabs can be used to hang pen and pencil either side.
So far have managed to make 4 of these kitchen hangers but need to concentrate now on a special project for a friend who turns 70 this year, will publish the finished article later on in the year, lots of hand stitiching to finish, mainly colonial knots aghhhhhhh lol.

Christmas in June .....Ho Ho Ho

My Wall hanging is finally completed at last. The ornaments are ready to hang( not shown in photo).
Looks wonky but it is the padding making it look out of shape lol

I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed making this especially as it is also my first project since giving up cardmaking. To find the book was easy but to find ther fabric panel meant hours searching the internet lol , but at least I got out of doing house chores hee hee.

The wadding I used was extra thick, maybe too thick but it gives the illusion of Santa being chubbier/fatter which is the consequence of eating allt hose pies!! naughty Santa lol

Monday, 6 June 2011

Angel Button Bag

I simply adore this cute angel bag from Brenda Walker part of the Country Folk Designs.

Easy to make and quick too!!, especially as I needed a new button bag to store my beloved buttons.

Pattern available from Daisy Chain designs.

You could make 2-3 easy in one evening and fill wth toiletries as gifts for friends and family.

Rosie Bear.

For todays card I chose the adorable Rosie bear from Candi bean stamps available from Diestodiefor . Using copics to colour to matted ont...